Sunday, 16 July 2017

How to make Achari Bhindi/ Okra/ ladyfinger

I am an okra lover/bhindi lover. I have always been fond of eating Okra/ ladyfinger. Slowly with time I got fed up of the normal Okra sabji where you just put it with cumin, oil, turmeric and salt. I always kept experimenting with the taste because I wanted to change the way it is cooked. Now I have 3-4 ways of making okra and all of them are super easy yet different and tasty.

Today I am sharing one of them and the others will be on the blog soon. Though I have heard of Achari-bhindi a lot of times but never got to taste it. If you have been reading my posts then you must be aware of my love for pickles and chutneys. So I thought of making achari bhindi myself without any online research.

achari bhindi

After 2-3 attempts I finally reached to the taste I wanted. Everybody who tasted it praised it. There are many recipes of Okra which are tasty but they take too much time for the preparation. Well, the only preparation you need to do for this recipe is just wash and dry the okra and then cut it in whatever way you like. 

I know the hard work to make okra is mainly the washing and drying. It takes too much time :( 
So you have to go through that if you are making a dry okra recipe. I know some of the gravy also. :) 

Okay, so this is a very simple recipe as I told you and it takes maximum 15 minutes cook. The time also depends on the amount of okra you are cooking. I have given this for half kg of okra. 

The ingredients of the recipe are so simple and easily available in any Indian kitchen. You just need to make a mix and then add to okra and you are done. That's it . Isn't it easy. You can serve it with rice and Dal or just a simple prantha will go well. I mix it with curd and I enjoy it a lot. 

The trick of the better taste is to cook it as well as have a crispy layer without frying or burning the okra. Generally if we want crispiness either we fry or we cook it till it burn. Both are not good. 
So stay with me till the end to know the trick. 


  1. Okra/ bhindi: 1/2 kg ( washed -dried - cut in any shape)
  2. Cumin seeds/jeera : 1/2 teaspoon 
  3. Dry mango powder/amchoor : 1 teaspoon 
  4. Salt/ namak : as per taste 
  5. Red chilli powder : 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Chaat masala: 1 teaspoon 
  7. Coriander powder/ dhaniya powder : 1/2 teaspoon 
  8. Garam masala: 1/2 teaspoon
  9. Cooking oil : 1 tablespoon 
  10. Lemon juice/ nimbu ka ras : 1 tablespoon 
You can add some sabji masala or let it be. Its totally optional.

mix the dry ingredients except cumin


#1 Like I mentioned earlier in the ingredients, wash the okra properly under flowing water. Dry them with a clean kitchen towel or tissue towel. You can cut them in any size you want. You can either cut them lengthwise or small regular cuts. I prefer the lengthwise cuts so that whole okra can get all the spices.

cut the okra in whatever shape you like

#2 This recipe is full of options.😛So, you can either mix all the the dry ingredients (except cumin) before you put the okra into the pan or you can put later. So,heat the pan and add mustard oil or whatever cooking oil you are using. Let it heat properly and then add the cumin seeds.

add cumin seeds

#3 After the cumin seeds starts spluttering add the okra and give a good mix. If you have not added the dry ingredients till not then you can add them 1-2 minutes later after you have added okra.

add the dry spices mixture if you haven't til now

#4 Mix everything well and let it cook on medium flame for 1-2 minutes without closing the lid.

#5 Now after there is a little moisture in the pan cover the lid and cook it for 8-10 minutes on low flame. Keep mixing in between so that you get an achari flavour in every bite.When the bhindi is compeletly cooked then switch to high flame and cook it for 20-30 seconds for a crispier crust.

#6 After the okra is cooked completely then mix the lemon juice and cook it for 5-10 seconds.

#7 Now your achari bhindi is ready and you can serve it with prantha,roti or rice- dal. It will give a tangy twist to your every day meal.

achari bhindi

I hope you liked this recipe. Please comment and share. 

DO share your ideas and experiments with food you do in your kitchen.

Try my other recipes of potato chutney and mango pickle . You will love them.

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Stay happy .. stay healthy... keep experimenting !!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to make aloo-gobhi/potato-cauliflower

Potato is the most common vegetable used in Indian meal. It can be combined with a lot of other veggies to make them more tastier. The combination of aloo-gobhi/ potato- cauliflower is one of them.

This is the most basic part of an Indian meal. I have been a fan of this dish since my childhood. I am sure everybody who tastes it likes it. When I eat this I try to find out the flower of the cauliflower. A hint of potato and a full piece of cauliflower is just perfect. 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Instant Raw mango sweet chutney/kachche aam ki mithi chutney

Indian summers means lots of fruits like mangoes,melons etc. I enjoy making them and eating them. Making chutneys is part of my routine in kitchen. I will always have some chuntey ready in my house.

My earlier post was about a raw mango pickle. The story behind is I just tried it with the left over raw mango which I brought for some other chutney. It came out really good I made a post for this to share with you people. I am sure a lot more experienced and brilliant cook are present out there but I just thought of sharing my part.

Raw mango sweet chuntey without sugar

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Instant raw mango- asafoetida pickle/aam- hing ka achar

This time the summer is being too harsh and I really don't want to go out of my house infact from my room. Indian summer specially in Northen India is really not tolerable anymore. Unfortunately staying in the room is not a practical option so I try to divert my mind with some creativity in my kitchen.

The summer season brings fire in the air but it does bring the variety of fruits and veggies in the market. I am a fruit-addict  since childhood. The fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, litchi and yes Mango ..make me feel so delighted whenever I see any fruit stall. Mango is the best one. We use not only the ripened phase but raw mango is also high in demand.

aam-hing ka achar

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Classic Hummus recipe

I love dips, sauces and chunteys. I just love making them, experimenting with them and they are like my must have part in the meal. I am a village girl and I have been eating bread/roti with some chutney or sauce only through out my life.

I have seen people eating chutneys or sauces as a side but I don't need a lot of stuff when I have an Indian home made bread and chutney with a glass of masala chaas. Its the favourite combination of all time for me.

Okay, that's the Indian part but these days you will see dips and chutneys are served in almost every restaurant. I was surprised last year when I got hummus in a normal restaurant. Either I was not updated with the changes or I will say good additions or Internet has just changed everything.
Well, because you can get each kind of recipe on Internet and a lot of ideas as well.

classic hummus

Tahini/ Ardeh - sesame seed dip

The time I have visited Israel I have started liking these dips and sauces more and more. Well that was my first foreign trip and I loved every bit of it.
I realized that people can survive without bread for a week. We Indians specially those who are not on very strict diets, I doubt if anybody can think about surviving without bread or roti.

So, I was talking about dips!! I tasted Hummus for the first time and I really liked it. It was creamy, it was light, it was tasty and at the same time it was healthy too. So I asked my friend who served me this dip about the recipe. It was quite easy and you don't need any special ingredient to buy from outside.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Nutrella- green pea pulao/ Soya matar pulao

Hello everyone

I hope all of you are doing fine !!

Today I am going to share one more pulao recipe. If you have read my earlier rainbow pulao recipe then you must be knowing that I was not too much of a rice fan but now becoming one. It saves time!! I shifted to a new place because of work and now I am making my breakfast to dinner myself. So, being a working women it was a bit tough earlier but now things are smooth and life is happy.

I make any kind of pulao once in a week at least and I make sure to add something nutritious as well as tasty in the rice. This not only help me avoid any side dish like dal or sabji but also different at the same time. Whenever I am in hurry I make these kinds of pulao and I am good to go.

The recipe today is also effortless and time saving like my other recipes. I try to make tasty, nutritious but also less time consuming lunch. I keep trying experiments with my cooking and after a year I have discovered some time saving recipes.

a 15 minutes easy recipe for lunch