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3 ways to make masala Chaas/Chach/Buttermilk

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The summers are here and this time its much worse than earlier. Summer has its good things as well as bad things.The gardens are greener now, the flower pots are colourful, you don't have to wear those layers of clothes and you can eat everything you want without worrying about getting fat.😋
Well because its summer and you burn more calories, you feel less lazy and can go for a walk. I am too lazy so prefer summers for exercise and yoga.😉

This time summer is announced much hotter,the temperature can go up to 45 degree Celsius and more.😰. So, be ready with lots of humidity, sweat. high electricity bills and lots of health issues.

I am sharing this magical drink solution which all the Indians here are very much familiar with.
I am from a small village and I have been drinking this through out my life. I can not imagine my day without this.

The Drink is Masala Chaas/chach/buttermilk. You all know it. Right!!

Those who don't know what this is ? Let me help you.  In villages we make curd and then we separate the butter from the curd by blending it,the left liquid is called as chaas or buttermilk. This is called as buttermilk but trust me there is no butter into it.

We don't get the actual chaas in cities so we make it by mixing yoghurt or curd with water.
Some people like it sweet but I personally like is salty with some herbs and spices.

This drink is really really helpful to save you in these hot summer. I recommend to have one glass a day preferably in the morning. It is so simple to make and so tasty to drink.

I am a working women and like every other working lady I too get tired of handling office and home.
The home makers rush here and there whole day and I am sure they get tired too. This drink is a boon for all of us. Its energy booster as well as gives a very cool relaxed feeling.

I am here sharing the masala chaas ingredients and recipe here. This is salty in taste and those who are into weight loss routine they should add this to their daily menu.
masala chaas
Masala chaas

Lets start with the basic things you need to have for this.

How to make chaas:

This is really simple to prepare. You just  need 2 -4  full tablespoons of curd/yogurt into one glass of water. You can decide the amount of curd as per the desired thickness of the chaas. Don't take flavoured yogurt if you are making masala chaas.

You can use blender and blend the two ingredients together for 10 seconds. Don't blend it too much because you want to keep the taste of curd there.

Whisk the two things together for 5-10 seconds till they mix together properly.

Just mix it with a fork or spoon properly. I do it in the morning when I am in rush to leave for office. This technique is for the time  when you will drink it instantly. Keeping it for a longer time will settle the curd and you won't like it.

If you are planning to serve it to guests than prefer blending the two.

Basic ingredients:

The most basic things you need for a chaas are:
  1. Salt : preferably  black salt 
  2. Cumin/ Jeera : Roasted and powdered
  3. Black pepper powder  : optional
For a simple masala chaas you have to just mix these as per your taste into the chaas. This is the basic method for a chaas. 

Now lets talk about the special recipe and the 3 ways to make it.For these recipes you will need some basic herbs from your kitchen garden or market. 

Special Ingredients: 

I mention them special because they make the drink special and different.
  1. Mint
  2. Curry leaves
  3. Coriander leaves 
  4. Green chilli  (optional )
  5. Ginger 
Mint is the core ingredient. If you don't have the other two its OK. If you have them then do not miss to add them. 
Mint is known as a very soothing and cooling ingredient. It not only gives you the cooling and relaxing feel but also cures headache. It works wonders for people having nausea , depression etc. 

Curry leaves are like my best friend in the kitchen. They improve digestion, hair texture, skin and they do help you manage your cholesterol level. 

Coriander/cilantro is like a very common ingredient for ingredient in Indian kitchen. Its a must have for weight-loss seekers. It helps in removing toxins from your body hence making you hair, skin and body healthy.

Ginger is also a detox ingredients. It improves metabolism and beneficial for skin and hair problems.

I mix these ingredients in 3 different ways to make masala chaas. One is permanent and other two are occasions when I have them fresh in stock.

#1. The DIY dry mixture: 

This one is the oldest and most used method. I have seen it in almost my every known's  house. This method is very easy to use.

Whenever you have a lot of mint, coriander and curry leaves. Keep them for drying in sun. Cover them with some net cloth so that no dust can mix. Now you can grind them or you can just crush them with hand.

To make the mixture you take equal amount of dry herbs powder and same amount of roasted cumin powder. If you don't have all the three herbs than its totally fine .If you just have mint that is enough because mint is the key.

Dry powder of herbs, black salt and roasted cumin powder
Dry powder of herbs

Add black salt half of the amount of herbs powder. So the ratio of herbs: roasted cumin: Black salt is 1:1:1/2 (0.5). Mix all of them very well.
mix all the powdered herbs very well
Mix all the dry ingredients well

Store this mixture in normal jar with a lid. You don't have to search for an airtight jar. Just take care you don't put any wet spoon or drops of water into it.

You put 1 tea spoon of this mixture into 1 glass of chaas. The simplest masala chaas is ready. This is like must have mixture in you kitchen if your love chaas.

DO remember that the herbs are completely dry.

#2 The fresh crush:

This method is my favourite. I love it because it gives me that feel of eating fresh. I do most of the time when I am leaving for office.
If you have mint, coriander and curry leave plants in your kitchen garden then you need to try this one.

All you need is few leaves of all these herbs, one small chunk of ginger and the basic black salt +cumin powder. One mortar and pestles or something to crush.

small amount of coriander, mint. ginger and curry leaves.
curry leaves, mint, ginger, coriander

Crush these ingredients in the mortar pestle or just chop very finely. It should not be too big to feel odd in you mouth.

crush all the ingredients together as per your taste
crush them in mortar pestle

You don't have to crush it like a paste.Crush is as much as you feel good for your taste. Mix half tablespoon of this mixture into one glass of chaas. 
mix some black salt and roasted cumin powder
masala chaas

Mix black salt as per your taste and sprinkle some roasted cumin powder. You will feel like heaven when you will have this. The fresh and cool feeling of this drink will give a bright start to your day.

#3 DIY Green Ice Cubes:

I got this idea while I was stuck with a lot of mint and coriander with me. It was too much to store and to use at a time. This DIY is too easy and effective.

Whenever I visit vegetable market I stuck on the green leaves section. I just can not stop myself buying spinach, coriander, fenugreek etc. Mint is my favourite one. I am sure most of you all have felt this way at least once.

So I end up with a lot of them sometimes or sometimes I have too much of them in my kitchen plants.  The drying method is too risky for me. I become careless and either I have too much dust mixed with my dry herbs or some wind flow my hard dried herbs. :(

Now I make these DIY green ice cubes. All you need for these is ginger, mint, coriander.
You can decide the mint and coriander ratio as per your taste I like it equal so I take equal amount of both of them and one big chunk of ginger.

collect all the extra herbs and some ginger. wash them properly
extra stock of coriander and mint

Wash the leaves under flowing water properly. It is completely OK if you have stem because you will be grinding them. Peel the ginger chop into some pieces and put them into the mixer/grinder.
put in grinder and make a paste.
grind and make a paste

Just make a good paste as per your taste. You can use this paste as a chutney with bread or make a new green chutney using other herbs as well.
Put the paste in ice tray and keep for freezing
put into ice tray

Freeze the paste in ice tray. I use small ice tray for this so one ice cube goes for one glass. You can use whatever size and then decide as per your taste.

put one ice cube in one glass.
DIY green ice cubes

Put one ice cube into one glass of chaas and it will dissolve within 10 seconds. Put some black salt and roasted cumin powder. Mix it well. 
This method is perfect when you have guests because it is good for making a large stock of masala chaas and you can keep these ice cubes for at least 3-4 weeks in freezer. 

You can use black pepper powder and green chilli if you are a chilli lover. We don't include chilli normally in our food so I have not added in the methods. 

So these are my 3 ways to make masala chaas.  As a office going lady  I feel very happy and relieved using these. 
These ways have simplified my love for chaas.
If you will keep the mixture and the ice cubes in stock then even your kids and husband can make the masala chaas. 

So do try these ideas. Let me know if you like them and want some more information regarding this. 
Share with your friends who are mad about chaas like me :)

Also please let me know your suggestions and ideas for making the life simpler for a working women. 

Stay happy... stay blessed .. Keep experimenting!!

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