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Nutrella- green pea pulao/ Soya matar pulao

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Today I am going to share one more pulao recipe. If you have read my earlier rainbow pulao recipe then you must be knowing that I was not too much of a rice fan but now becoming one. It saves time!! I shifted to a new place because of work and now I am making my breakfast to dinner myself. So, being a working women it was a bit tough earlier but now things are smooth and life is happy.

I make any kind of pulao once in a week at least and I make sure to add something nutritious as well as tasty in the rice. This not only help me avoid any side dish like dal or sabji but also different at the same time. Whenever I am in hurry I make these kinds of pulao and I am good to go.

The recipe today is also effortless and time saving like my other recipes. I try to make tasty, nutritious but also less time consuming lunch. I keep trying experiments with my cooking and after a year I have discovered some time saving recipes.

a 15 minutes easy recipe for lunch

I am sure most of you have heard of peas pulao which is very common. I tried adding nutrella to it and it turned out awesome. Nutrella is rich in protein and it sometimes helps when you are craving for chicken but can not get it.

This is like less than 15 minute recipe and very easy to make. Bachelors and working married women must have this in their cooking list. If somebody knows how to make maggie he/she can surely make these pulao as well.

easy and simple to make

You can pack it for your lunch or can serve it to guests.I will not take much of your time so lets start making it.

Preparation time: 2 minutes
Cooking time: 12-13 minutes
People: 3 people


  • Rice : 1 normal size drinking water glass/ 250 gm
  • Water: 1.5 times of rice
  • Salt: as per taste 
  • Cooking oil: 2 tablespoon
  • Cumin seeds: 1 teaspoon 
  • Green peas (peeled or frozen)/Matar : 1 cup 
  • Nutrella/ soya badi : 15-17 balls or 1 cup


If you have frozen peas then dip them in warm water till you get all of your other ingredients collected. This will remove all the ice around the peas and the temperature will be normal for peas. 

Remember to keep the flame medium high till you add water to rice. 

#1 Roast the nutrella and cumin : 
Heat the cooking oil into the pan then add nutrella and cumin seeds as the same time. It will take less than 10 seconds to roast them. 

you can skip roasting nutrella if you don't want the roasted look.

Roasting the nutrella is totally optional. If you don't want the roasted and a bit of burnt taste then add them with peas later. 

#2 Add peas to the roasted cumin and nutrella. If you have not added nutrella earlier then add it now. 
 Mix them proeprly for 20-30 seconds. 

add peas

#3 Add rice: 
Before adding rice make sure you remove all the starch from the rice. You wash the rice till you have clear water. You can add warm water to the rice first and keep it for a minute. It will help you to remove starch easily.

add rice to the pan

Now add rice to the pan and roast it till all the moisture of rice is evaporated. The rice will start looking dry. 

#4 Add water and salt to rice and let it boil. When the mixture will start boiling then lower the flame to low-medium and cover the pan. 

add salt and water to the pan. let it boil

#5 Check after 10 minutes if they look dry and let it be covered for next 2 minutes. If they still look raw then add a little water like 2-4 tablespoons. Then cover it again. After two minutes the rice will look flaky then close the flame and let it be covered. It will be cooked with steam. 

let it cook for qo minutes and check of more water is needed.

After 5 minutes you can serve it with curd or can pack it into you lunchbox. 

pack it for lunch
Nutrella- peas pulao for lunch

This is a really simple and effortless recipe. You can pack it in your kid's lunch box as well. They will love it. 
This is easy and quick to make so it is always a rescue for me when I am tired. 
I try to make other versions of rice as well so I don't repeat the same kind of pulao every time.

DO try it and let me know if you like this idea. 
Please share your versions of pulao so that I can try them. 

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I hope my recipes are helping you to save time and health. 

Stay happy... stay healthy ... keep experimenting.

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