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Potato chutney/Aloo ki chutney

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Today I am going to share my most favourite recipe. This connects me to my childhood days. If you have read my other posts then you must be knowing that I am a village girl by origin. I love those flavors which I have enjoyed through my childhood.

I doubt if there is somebody who can deny the taste of hot an spicy chutneys which do not use any mixer or grinder but the stone platform with a crushing stone over it. We call it sil-batta in local language. At my home we used a kundi-sota which is similar to a mortar-pestle but much bigger in size.

The taste of chutneys prepared with the normal stone tools is much better and different than any  chutney and dip prepared in mixer. Oh!! My mouth is water just by thinking about that.

potato chutney

Today I am sharing the recipe of  potato chutney. I love this, I love this, I love this. Who does not like potato ?? I mean I have not met anybody who hates potato.This chutney is my most favourite. I love it. I used to miss it after I came out of the village for studies and then go married. This is always the first in the list of what to eat whenever I visit my home.

We never used mixer for making any chutney at my home, it was always the sil-batta or kundi-sota.
We still use the same. This chutney is made of roasted potato which are roasted on coal. They taste way much better than the boiled one. The small burnt portions gives it a smoky taste. This was the reason I never tried to make it in my home because I wanted that burnt and smoky flavor.

Aloo chutney

One day when I was roasting sweet potato on twa with my mom's technique then the idea of roasting potato stroke my mind. I never liked the boiled sweet potato so my mom told me a technique to roast it on twa. It roast it properly and amazingly yummy.

So I tried the same technique to roast the potato and I was jumping in joy for next 5 minutes when I saw the results. After that I made this chutney and now it is famous among my relatives and in sister's PG. Every time she comes to me she get this prepared for sure.

So without  any further delay let me share this mouth watering recipe. Before that lets learn the amazing technique:

What you need: 

A twa or a pan
A deep vessel : deep enough to cover the item.
Flame :)

Roasting the Potato: 

This is a long process but its effortless. I have not tried oven to roast them so I don't know about the taste.

This is perfect for those who do not have oven in their kitchen. 

All you need to do it just wash the potato properly and dry them with a paper towel or cloth. Make sure you dry them completely.
Now on high flame put the pan or twa whatever you have and put the potato then cover them properly with the vessel. the vessel does not have to be too deep but just enough to hold the whole potato.

Cover the potato properly.

Keep it covered like this for 2 minutes on high flame. Then lower the flame to low-medium.
Keep it covered and keep checking and rotating the potato in 20-30 minutes. It does not have be 20-30 minutes just make sure you don't forget that you have something on the stove. :)

keep turning the potato in every 20-30 minutes.

Always keep a cloth handy to handle the vessel because it will be hot.
This whole process will take around 1 to 1.5 hours for 2 big size potatoes. Believe me the outcome is wait worthy.
Check the potato with a little pressure and you will know when it will be soft and mushy.

peel the potato

Peel the potato and you are ready for making the chutney or anything else you want to make.


Roasted potato : 1 and half roasted potato
Green chili: 10-12 (as per your taste buds)
Garlic cloves: 12-15
Curd/ plain buttermilk : 1 cup
Salt: as per your taste

You can increase of decrease the amount of curd/buttermilk as per the consistency of the chutney you want.


Remember to do it stepwise else you will have potato lumps and you will not like it.

#1 Crush the chili and garlic. I don't have any sil-batta in my home :( so I use the mixer.
Grind both the ingredients coarse. I want that chili bites in between the smooth potato.

you can crush it very smooth or can leave some chunks to have some chilli blast in between your smooth potato paste.

#2 Break the potato into random pieces and then put it into the mixer. This is just to make the blend easier because potato is sticky and sometimes small chunks stays.

Do not blend all the ingredients at one time. first do the chilli and garlic then add the potato.

DO NOT put the potato and chilli garlic at one time to blend they will make lumps and it will take more time to crush the garlic properly.

#3 Now after everything is properly mixed add the curd/buttermilk and salt and make a smooth paste.

aloo ki chutney

You can add red chilli flakes for extra hotness. :)

Tips for  extra taste: 

  • You don't have to wait the potato to cool down completely. You can add them when they are warm. It will really enhance the taste.
  • DO not store the chutney immediately after preparation but wait for 10-15 minutes.I hope you can see the small fermentation holes in the picture. This makes the chutney more tasty when it will be chilled in the freeze.
  • Serve it chilled. 
  • Add sour curd or buttermilk for that extra tangy flavor.

I have always eaten this chutney with roti in my childhood but now I know the other ways to use it: 

  • You can use it as a dip with papad. 
  • With nachos
  • Toast spread
  • As a spread in wraps and rolls
  • With biryani
This is a heaven I am telling you. My mouth waters every time I mention it. DO try it and I am sure you will get a lot of praises. 

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Stay happy..stay healthy.. keep experimenting.. :)

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