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Classic Hummus recipe

I love dips, sauces and chunteys. I just love making them, experimenting with them and they are like my must have part in the meal. I am a village girl and I have been eating bread/roti with some chutney or sauce only through out my life.

I have seen people eating chutneys or sauces as a side but I don't need a lot of stuff when I have an Indian home made bread and chutney with a glass of masala chaas. Its the favourite combination of all time for me.

Okay, that's the Indian part but these days you will see dips and chutneys are served in almost every restaurant. I was surprised last year when I got hummus in a normal restaurant. Either I was not updated with the changes or I will say good additions or Internet has just changed everything.
Well, because you can get each kind of recipe on Internet and a lot of ideas as well.

classic hummus

Hummus is a part of Middle Eastern cuisine. This is very popular in Middle East part of the globe. I am in love with countries like Egypt, Saudi, Jordan etc.So, I fell with the cuisine too. :)

The first time I tasted hummus was in 2013 when I visited Israel. I stayed at my friend's place so I had  lot of dishes which I guess I would have not tried in any restaurant. Well you need to know before you order :)

So, I asked the recipe and it was quite surprising that we have all those ingredients in our Indian kitchen. It is easy and effortless to make hummus at home. I tried buying it in India but I could not find the taste I had on my tongue from Israel.

Hence I decided to make it myself. It is a simple mesh of chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini or sesame seeds, olive oil, garlic and some salt. Unlike our Indian chutneys the classic hummus does not have a lot of chillies or a lot of garlic. So people with a a hot and spicy liking flavors might not like it.
Still I will recommend everyone to try it at least once.

Classic hummus

This is rich in protein, saturated fats, sodium, potassium and vitamins. I mean its a super healthy food. Its is a must whenever I have friends gathering in my house. I love making it. Its like whenever I make chole/ whitechickpeas I will surely prepare some hummus.

You can serve it as a side dip with your grilled chicken or can spread it on toast with some veggies, add it to your salad, mix the taco filling or whatever you can think. Its easy, its tasty, its creamy and it does not have a very dominant taste so it will not overpower your any dish but will surely add a spark to it.

The best part about this dip is that its totally healthy, their is no frying but boiling and mixing only. You will use virgin olive oil which is one the best addition to your meal plan.

I have mentioned tahini in the ingredient. This is a must have part for hummus as well as it is used as a dip individually. If you don't want to make tahini then you can just use sesame seeds and roast them. Then grind them before you add anything else and you are good to go. So don't panic if you are finding this a very confusing recipe because its not.

I would like to tell all my Indians out there please do not add too much garlic ;) I know we love garlics in our dishes too much and I did that when I tried making hummus for the first time but that turned bitter. So be gentle with garlic and lemon juice. Just add a little amount for the hint of flavor only. :)

Classic hummus

I have tried this recipe a lot of time with some other ingredients too which I will be posting as well. This recipe is for the classic hummus which is the basic hummus. It means whatever other flavor you want to make you will need these ingredients. These are the basic ingredients and this one is the basic hummus.

Preparation time: over night soaking of chickpeas + boiling them + 10 minutes to prepare the paste.
You can use canned chickpeas if you want to. This will remove all the soaking and boiling process.


Chickpeas (white chole): 1 cup (soaked overnight and boiled)
Salt: 1/2 tablespoon
Garlic: 2 cloves
Olive oil: 4 tablespoon or as per the consistency
Sesame seeds: 3 tablespoon or Tahini 2 tablespoon
Lemon juice : 2-3 tablespoon


#1 You can use canned chickpeas or you can sock them overnight and boil them.If you are boiling them in cooker then it should be done in 5-6 whistles on low flame. You can use them with the cover if you want or you can just peel off the white cover.

#2 Do not through the water in which you boiled the chickpeas or the liquid in case you are using the canned.

#3 If you are using sesame seeds then roast them in a pan and then let them cool a bit.

#4 First grind the sesame seeds for 3 minutes to make a paste. They will release oil so it will automatically become a oily paste. Then add the garlic and crush it properly.

#5 Add the chickpeas gradually i.e first add one part then blend then add rest of it then blend. This will help you crush all the chickpeas.

#6 Add lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Then blend it for next 5 minutes. If you think that it is too thick then you can add some more oil and some water in which you boiled the chickpeas.

#7 Blend the mixture until its smooth and creamy. If you want you can keep it a bit coarse.

#8 You can add some more salt if you think its too less but remember it should not be over powering the chickpea taste.

Classic hummus

This paste is so fun to play with presentation. You can present it in any style you want. I love playing with the designs while serving it.

Drizzle some olive oil and some red pepper powder. I love that look.  You can add some chives or green parts of the onions or some fresh chopped coriander.

Let me know if you liked this post.
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