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Instant Raw mango sweet chutney/kachche aam ki mithi chutney

Indian summers means lots of fruits like mangoes,melons etc. I enjoy making them and eating them. Making chutneys is part of my routine in kitchen. I will always have some chuntey ready in my house.

My earlier post was about a raw mango pickle. The story behind is I just tried it with the left over raw mango which I brought for some other chutney. It came out really good I made a post for this to share with you people. I am sure a lot more experienced and brilliant cook are present out there but I just thought of sharing my part.

Raw mango sweet chuntey without sugar

So, I bought two raw mangoes; one for the pickle and the other one for the sweet chuntey. The chutney is easily available in market and also you might get your kind of taste too. The problem is the sweet ingredient is sugar and I don't like that. I love the jaggery, jaggery powder but not refined sugar; that makes me sick.

So I wanted to try this sweet chuntey with jaggery powder to give it a healthier touch. There were two doubts in my mind:

  1. The colour might not become too dark and if it will not look good then your mind won't want to eat it. 
  2. It might crystallise and become hard so it won't be soft and won't taste good. 
 Still I had a mango so I wanted to try. It took like 15 minutes and mainly because it was just one raw mango. So if you will take a lot of mangoes then it will take more time but the only time will be grating the mangoes and cooking the mixture. 

I was quite happy with the results I got and I loved the taste. The jaggery lovers must try it once. 

The ingredients are simple and easily available in Indian kitchen or grocery store. If you are also a food lover but concerned about your weight then you should give it a try. 
The main mantra of weight management is " don't control your craving but control the portion size and opt for healthier substitute!!"


I am adding fennel seeds to this; some people do this some don't so it totally up to your taste. The secret about using fennel seeds is less amount will give you more flavor if you roast a bit and crush a bit. I have done the same in the recipe as well. 


  • Raw mango (grated) (kachcha aam): 1
  • Red chilli powder( lal mirch powder): 1 tablespoon 
  • Cooking fennel seeds (mota saunf): 1 teaspoon 
  • Small fennel seeds (chota saunf): 1/4 teaspoon 
  • Salt: to taste 
  • Jaggery  powder (gurr ka powder): 1/2 of the grated raw mango 

You can adjust the ingredients as per the amount of mangoes you taking. You can take less or more jaggery powder as per your taste. 


#1 Roast the fennel seeds crush them a bit. It will enhance the taste. 
#2 Now mix all the ingredients in a bowl and keep it aside for 10 minutes. If you are using a lot of mangoes then keep mixing it in between. 
grated mango ; roasted and crushed fennel.. mix al the ingredient

#3 Heat a pan and pour the mixture. You don't need to add oil because it will not stick. Just remember to do the whole process on medium- low flame. 
mix the ingredients and keep them aside

#4 Keep cooking it until all the water dries up. After the water is evaporated keep stirring it till it becomes golden brown. You can keep it upto the consistancy you want.
#5 Now cool the mixture and store it into the refrigerator or outside. 

raw mango sweet chutney with jaggery


  • Do not do this on high flame and Do not let it boil. This will crystallise the mixture and it will become hard after cooling. So keep the flame low-medium through the whole process.
  • The pan should be medium hot not too hot. This is a slow process. 
  • If you keep the mixture overnight that might lessen up your time of cooking.
I hope you liked my idea of replacing refined sugar with jaggery powder. So if you want to make you summer healthier and tastier do try this once.  Let me know in the comments about your views.

DO share your ideas and experiments with food you do in your kitchen.

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Stay happy .. stay healthy... keep experimenting !!

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