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Tahini/ Ardeh - sesame seed dip

The time I have visited Israel I have started liking these dips and sauces more and more. Well that was my first foreign trip and I loved every bit of it.
I realized that people can survive without bread for a week. We Indians specially those who are not on very strict diets, I doubt if anybody can think about surviving without bread or roti.

So, I was talking about dips!! I tasted Hummus for the first time and I really liked it. It was creamy, it was light, it was tasty and at the same time it was healthy too. So I asked my friend who served me this dip about the recipe. It was quite easy and you don't need any special ingredient to buy from outside.


One main ingredient was Tahini,which is a sesame sauce or dip whatever you prefer. I was surprised how easy it was to make Tahini.

We all know about the benefits of sesame. It is rich in saturated fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorus etc. I am sure you all have eaten sesame in winters which is very common in India.

There are different ways to use tahini, you can use it with salad dressing, you can make hummus with it, you can just use it as a dip also and it will not leave you disappointed.

All you need to make tahini is sesame seeds and olive oil. I recommend extra virgin olive oil. Though sesame seeds are rich in oil so you will not be needing a lot of olive oil. Just a few tablespoon will be enough.

You just need to make sure that  what consistency you want for your tahini. If you will use it as a dip then you might want to keep it a bit thick, if you want to use it as a salad dressing then you will like it a thin and running consistency etc.

So whatever consistency you want you add the olive oil accordingly. I recommend not to add all the oil with the sesame seeds and at one time. When you will grind the sesame seeds they will also release their oil so wait for that.

This is very simple recipe so I will not take more time to describe.

Preparation time: 10 minutes


Sesame seeds: Whatever amount as per how much tahini you want to make. eg. half cup.
Olive oil: as per the consistency you want


#1 Clean the sesame seeds if there is any stone or dirt. Do not wash it or if they are too bad to use then wash and completely dry them.

#2 Now heat a pan and roast the sesame seeds. Do not burn them roast them till they are golden brown.

#3 Now put it them into mixer jar or another container and let them cool a bit. If you will keep them in the pan they might burn or over-roast.

#4 Now grind them into the mixer jar.

Tahini - roast and grind the seeds in mixer

#5 After 3-4 minutes of grinding you will find some oil release in the jar. You will not see oil flood but you can figure out that the mixture it getting oily.
after3-4 mintues you will see the oil releasing from the mixture.

#6 After 5 minutes of grinding yon can put some olive oil and grind. Keep doing it until you don't get the consistency you want. Remember not to add all the olive oil at one time.

I was using it for hummus preparation so I just made a little as needed.
You can make it in larger amount and store into refrigerator utpo 10 days. Just use airtight jar.

Tahini is really healthy and tasty dip. You can mix some brown sugar and cinnamon powder and use it as toast spread. I love that.

I hope you find this recipe helpful. Please do try it.

Let me know your ways to use tahini.

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Stay happy... stay healthy.. keep experimenting !!

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