About me

I am Nitu Sharma , with "I" not "EE" . I am married and loving it till now. 😜. I have successfully completed my 3 years of marriage. :)

I work as a research specialist in a waste water treatment firm. Its been more than 5 years since I have started working.

I am a fun loving person who talks nonsense most of the time. I love travel and I love love love food😋. That makes me fat time to time but I can not resist eating most of the time.
Cooking is like  a stress buster for me. I love trying different dishes  ... Cuisines is still a big word for me :p . I think I can eat almost everything because I generally don't feel that disgusting feeling by looking at something like that.

I love art and I love creating stuff from waste, like recycling stuff.
I love painting though I am not a good painter but I love colors and so believe in making life colorful .

My husband is the charm of my life.
I love him. We fight, we love, we cook , we kick but in the end of the day we are together. :)

This picture defines our chemistry completely. Though we both are equally witty and equally naughty but he balances it with his so called maturity.

He is my Boss in the office and I hate to mention it. This balances me being wife at home and he being boss at office.

Oh I forgot to mention the love of our life " Rambo"

He is one of the reasons to solve our fights. He is such a cutie pie. He irritates me to the core because I am cleanliness freak.
But his cute face and innocent actions keep me and my husband happy all day long.

Why blogging ? 

After marriage I guess everybody's life change so mine changed too. I am working and handling the whole household stuff. Earlier it was tough but slowly I managed everything. The only thing I am not able to manage it interacting with people with same hobbies and interests apart from my work. The two main reasons for this blog are :

  1.  To share my hacks and tips to manage home with work. 
  2. To interact with people and make friends. 
I have two different blogs right now and I might start a new later : 

 What I will post :

I will be sharing 3 different topics :

  1. The hacks for balancing work and home keeping your health and budget safe. 
  2. A DIY for home improvement or Home decor.
  3. A Recipe. 

I hope you guys will love my posts and my Rambo :). 
I would love to hear your stories and ideas too so feel free to comment. 
Let's be friends and spread happiness. :) 

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